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WOSOLAR was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Suzhou, is an intelligent power plant as the core, has been committed to the PV distributed power plant consulting, design, procurement, construction, financing, operation and maintenance (EPC+FO) and other business development. The company has been in a professional, responsible attitude, from power plant design, product manufacturing, equipment procurement to construction, utility access. We always stand in customer safety and maximum revenue perspective.

Project development
The implementation of the approval process to the technical analysis, planning from the site, our development and planning process can ensure that the plan start on schedule, professional knowledge and rich experience is the key of the successful project development.
With a wealth of experience, familiar with industrial policies and project processes, wosolar can work independently or with partners to analyze project opportunities and lay the foundation for successful project development. Modeling and simulating power generation according to expert's opinion, saving project cost.
 Project finance
In order to maximize the benefit of solar energy investment, we should realize the optimization of project financing while adopting advanced technology. Thanks to the extensive network of relations between the field of investment and financing, investment and wosolar party to carry out comprehensive cooperation, including full financing a variety of cooperation, the part of the owner investment, wosolar.Wosolar provides proprietary financial solutions tailored for the customer, we can ensure that all customers get the maximum return from solar energy. Greatly reducing the customer worries.
 Project design and geological exploration
Since each project is different, at the beginning of project design, wosolar comprehensive investigation over the past 10-20 years of local illumination, weather, soil, topography, wind, and the substation voltage, distance, equipment, technology, all factors of cable arrangement and system configuration, with rich experience and professional knowledge, to provide the optimum design. It ensures the PV power plants to create the greatest economic benefits and brings more value-added for customers. Wosolar’s professional engineers strictly follow industry standards, have hundreds of megawatts of PV power plants to carry out design and engineering services.
 Equipment procurement
Wosolar procurement team uses centralized procurement, strategic inventory reserve, optimize project procurement costs. We set up a complete supply chain network, with well-known PV products suppliers to establish a good credit relationship to ensure timely construction site to provide high-quality PV products. In quality, cost and compatibility, we choose reliable, long-term stable supply of components and equipment suppliers. To ensure the smooth construction of the project and grid generation. At the same time our supply chain network can provide complete after-sales service and compatibility accessories support. These advantages ensure that our project can be completed perfectly and long-term stable operation.
 Engineering construction
Wosolar in strict compliance with the technical safety standards under the premise of continuously improve the construction process, reasonable arrangements for construction time, according to the project location, select appropriate equipment, reduce labor costs. We successfully completed the scale of PV power plants more than 110 MW.
 Operation and maintenance
Wosolar provides long-term and stable equipment parts and technical support to clients through optimizing sourcing and completely supply chain to extend the whole solar value chain. Intelligent operation and maintenance to provide customers with 7*24 hours of real-time monitoring, fault alarm, problem pre-shoot , PV modules clean schedule and other power plant life cycle management services.