500W - 2000W

    Technical Features:

    ● Special design for outdour use

    ● Multi-setting

    ※ Can adjust the use mode according to the configuration status and sun source status: PV priority or AC priority mode;

    ※ Can select the charging current based on the configured capacity of the battery.

    ● High reliability

    ※ Independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control microprocessor system

    ※ Independent inverter microprocessor control system

    ※ Many kinds of protection for overcharge, over-discharge, short-circuit, overload ect., and special PV reverse connection protection as well

    ● Isolated and pure sine wave technology

    ● Advanced MPPT control system

    ● Intelligent charge management

    ● LED display mode

    ● Wide input range

    ● High-speed synchronous conversion

    ● Friendly alarm system

    ● Unattended and intelligent monitoring

    ● No-load off function (Option)

    ● Frequency auto sense

    ● Intelligent communication port (option)

    Technical specifications

    Model OG500-HW OG1000-HW OG1000-HW OG1500-HW OG2000-HW
    Power 500W 1000W 1000W 1500W 2000W
    Battery Voltage 24Vdc 48Vdc
    Working Mode PV(Photovoltaic priority) / AC (AC priority) Optional
    Input Voltage Range 24Vdc – 45Vdc 48Vdc – 90Vdc
    PV Panels Configuration 30Vdc – 36Vdc 60Vdc – 71Vdc
    (Suggestion) (vmp)

    PV Panels 


    ≤40A ≤60A ≤40A ≤60A ≤80A
    (Imp≤rated current)
    Max Charge Current 10-40A Optional 10-60A Optional
    Max Transfer Efficiency 98%
    Display Panel LED
    Mains Status(option)
    Input Voltage Range 100/110/120/220/230/240VAC±25(customized)
    Input Frequency Range 45-65Hz (over this range transfer to inverter model auto.)
    Output Voltage Range 220Vac± 10%
    MAX Input PF (AC/DC) 98%
    MAX Efficiency 96%
    MAX Charge Current 12A Max( battery discharge ends; Start charging when PV charge
    current less than the set value)
    AC Over Load 110% load, after 255s, transfer to bypass,120% load ,after 60s transfer to bypass,
    150% load, after 10s, transfer to bypass, auto recover after decrease load
    Short Circuit Input fuse / breaker
    Inverter Output
    Output Voltage 220Vac± 5
    Output Frequency 50 Hz / 60Hz ± 1% Auto.
    Output PF 1
    Distortion Line load≤ 5%
    PV-AC Transfer Time 5 ms typical value; Max.8 ms
    Max Efficiency 84.50%
    Nverter Overload 110% load 255s shut down,120% load 60s shut down,150% load 1s shut down
    No Load Off (Optional) Load< 5% after 1min , transfer to bypass mode
    Short Circuit System Shut down automatically
    AC Abnormal Beeping 1/4sauto silence after 40s
    Battery Low Beeping 5/ 1s
    Over Load 1/ 1s


    Port (optional)

    Rs232 / USB / SNMP(Setup available for regular start/shutoff)
    Dry Contact PV failurebattery low-voltageoverloadbypass
    inverter failure/ remote start generator dry contact signal
    Output Sockets RS232/USB/SNMP(Setup available for regular start/shutoff)
    Surge Protection Class
    EMC CEN62040-2:2006;EN61000-3-2:2006; EN61000-3-3:2008
    IP Class IP55
    Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 40
    Ambient Humidity 10 ~ 90 (Non Condensed)
    Noise ≤ 50dB
    Working Altitude 2000m(Every 100m increase derating 1%)
    Inverter Size WxDxH(mm)


    (with space for 2units 100A-200Ah battery)


     (with space for 4units 100A-200Ah battery)

    Packing Size WxDxH(mm) 320x605x975 615x660x975