Product features:
    ·Max PV Voltage up to 600V
    ·Double MPPT
    ·High efficiency  up to  97.5%
    ·Smaller and  Lighter
    ·IP65 protection
    ·Easy installation
    ·Reactive power controller
    ·Digital controller

    Model WSL-3K-DM WSL-3.6K-DM WSL-4.2K-DM WSL-5.0K-DM
    Max.DC power 3300W 4000W 4600W 5500W
    Max.DC voltage 600Vdc
    MPPT voltage range 150450Vdc
    Normal DC voltage 360Vdc
    Min./start DC voltage 120/150Vdc
    Number of MPP trackers 2
    Strings per MPP tracter 1
    Max.DC power per MPP tracker 1800W 2200W 2500W 3000W
    Max.input current per MPP tracker 11A/11A 13A/13A 15A/15A
    Normal AC output Power 3000W 3600W 4200W 5000W
    Max.AC output Power 3100W 3700W 4300W 5100W
    Normal AC Voltage 230Vac
    AC voltage range 230Vac±20%
    Normal AC grid frequency 50/60Hz
    AC grid frequency range ±5Hz
    Rated.output current 13.7A 16.4A 19.1A 22.7A
    Max.output current 15A 18A 21A 24A
    Phase shift(cosφ) Lagging0.9-leading0.9
    THDI 3%
    AC connection LN+PE
    Topology Transformerless
    Max.efficiency 0.975
    Euro-eta 0.965
    MPPT Efficiency 0.999
    Consumption:standby/night 5W/0W
    Protection devices
    PV input insulation protection YES
    AC short-circuit protection YES
    Ground fault monitoring YES
    Mechanism Data
    Dimensions(W/L/D)in mm 396/520/180
    Weight 18KG 21KG
    Environment Data
    Operating temperature range -20℃~+60
    Noise emission(typical) 25dB
    Cooling concept Convection
    Protection rating IP65
    LCD display YES
    Interfaces RS485/WIFI