Product features:
    ·Max PV Voltage up to 500V
    ·Single MPPT
    ·High efficiency  up to 97.5%
    ·Smaller and  Lighter
    ·IP65 protection
    ·Easy installation

    Model WSL-1.5K-SM WSL-2K-SM WSL-3K-SM WSL-3.6K-SM
    Max.DC power 1800W 2500W 3300W 4000W
    Max.DC voltage 500Vdc
    MPPT voltage range 150450Vdc
    Normal DC voltage 360Vdc
    Min./start DC voltage 120/150Vdc
    Number of MPP trackers 1
    Strings per MPP tracter 1 2
    Max.DC power per MPP tracker 1800W 2400W 3300W 4000W
    Max.input current per MPP tracker 11A 20A
    Normal AC output Power 1500W 2000W 3000W 3600W
    Max.AC output Power 1650W 2200W 3100W 3700W
    Normal AC Voltage 230Vac
    AC voltage range 230Vac±20%
    Normal AC grid frequency 50/60Hz
    AC grid frequency range ±5Hz
    Rated.output current 6.8A 9.1A 13.7A 16.4A
    Max.output current 9A 11A 15A 18A
    Phase shift(cosφ) 1
    THDI 3%
    AC connection LN+PE
    Topology Transformerless
    Max.efficiency 96.0% 97.50%
    Euro-eta 95.0% 96.50%
    MPPT Efficiency 0.999
    Consumption:standby/night 5W/0W
    Protection devices
    PV input insulation protection YES
    AC short-circuit protection YES
    Ground fault monitoring YES
    Mechanism Data
    Dimensions(W/L/D)in mm 316/475/155
    Weight 12KG 13KG
    Environment Data
    Operating temperature range -20℃~+60
    Noise emission(typical) 25dB
    Cooling concept Convection
    Protection rating IP65
    LCD display YES
    Interfaces RS485/WIFI