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Ningxia 3.7MW plant Project

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Short duration, plateau climate, oxygen thin, hard enviroments for the workers.

As we hired the first level of survey and design company,comprehensive consideration should be given to the maximum frozen layer of the project site
the foundation diameter 300MM, buried depth requirements to reach 1400MM. 
Many other projects they only use the  220 - 250MM foundation, as a result, it has a high risk to be destroyed by the strong wind.
Project Name: Ningxia 3.7MW plant Project
Place:  Ningxia city, Gansu province
Time: 2012.9
Client requirments: It must connect to the utility grid before  1st, June, 2013.
Technical requirement level: Medium-Short duration, plateau climate, oxygen thin, hard enviroments for the workers.
Wind and salt resistance requirement:

High-As we hired the first class of survey and design company,comprehensive consideration

 should be given to the maximum frozen layer of the project site

the foundation diameter 300MM, buried depth requirements to reach 1400MM. 

Many other projects they only use the  220 - 250MM foundation, as a result, it has a high 

risk to be destroyed by the strong wind.