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Island hybrid Solution

sWosolar has helped more than 30 island clients to build up their hybrid systems. In breezy positions, especially islands, combining solar panels with a small wind turbine can significantly increase energy and length of availability. Using state of the art electronic control systems, power can be switched automatically between wind turbine and solar panels. In locations with sun during day and breeze at night, a hybrid wind and solar system can provide 24/7 total independence from grid electricity for most houses or commercial buildings.

 Our advantages:

Optimize design, Best Returns

-Scientific survey to ensure the project safety

- High conversion efficiency, up to 18%

- Positive power tolerance, up to 5W

- Excellent power output performance even in a complex environment

- Proven top-ranking material to ensure your investment

-Professional construction team with rich experience


 Better Reliability,Stronger Guarantees

- Vertically integrated supply chain management (SCM) enabling consistent high quality under stringent control

- Outstanding wind, gale, and snow load capability

- Designed and tested to withstands harsh environment

- Products verified and approved according to more than 10 global quality standards

- low wind speed start up( 1.5m/s)

-Automatic wind speed brake system

-Vertical design, all wind direction acceptable

- 10-year product and construction warranty

- 25-year linear performance warranty