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Wosolar was established in 2007 which the head office located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The company uses intelligent PV power station as the core and focus on high efficiency solar cells and efficient photovoltaic modules as main innovative high-tech enterprise. Through the famous domestic scientific research institutions (USTC) joint research and development, the introduction of advanced overseas talent photovoltaic expert (at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and the visiting scholar at Purdue University) uses the innovation Micro-Nano technology in batteries. Those revolutionary changes can improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency and the batteries’ life time to enhance PV power station’s capacity per unit area, so photovoltaic can be common product in human’s life. 

At the beginning of founding company, Wosolar has been committed to distributed photovoltaic power station’s consulting, designing, procurement, construction, investment, financing, operating, maintenance (EPC+FO), and other business development. Following the rapid development of internet and mobile terminals, Wosolar has been pushing the development of intelligent PV power station. Through the intelligent micro inverse equipment and corresponding software, every piece of component generating plant operation has real-time monitoring. 

Wosolar has always keep the professional and responsible attitude to earn the valuable sunshine for all the customers. Moreover, Wosolar will always stand in the point of view of safety and bring the biggest profits to customers, so everyone can enjoy the endless wealth that sunshine brings.